Cols bleus

Project ~ This thesis is the result of an entire year of work and research around a social problem, which we intended to solve using design and communication. The building sector is suffering from a lack of consideration in France. The negative preconceived ideas and the archaïc vision towards craftsmen are deeply settled in the common mind of different generations, which contributes to making them been perceived as bad job options. The reasons are diverse: the scholar system creating a separation, the valorization of « white collars » over »blue collars » but also a trend to despise the technical branches. Yet, numerous people in this sector are going to be retired in the upcoming years, and nobody will be there to replace them: the knowledge is in danger. There is an absolute need to train a new population capable of broadcasting these know-hows and to take over the vacant jobs. In order to put it on paper, we conducted a large investigation on different construction sites, in educational centers and with different experts. We took a survey of 300 pupils and gathered testimonies and insights of several professionals of the sector. Partners ~ École Estienne, AFPA, Fédération française du bâtiment, Les Casques Jaunes Themes ~ BTP, […]
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