Lumino – Activity & play

Project ~ This Design Innovation project was about looking at Health and Well-being in the context of the Outer Hebrides (Islands on the West coast of Scotland). We found out that although they are often cited as some of the happiest places to live in the UK, there are also paradoxically certain areas that need serious attention regarding the health of children and young people there. We focused on the lack of physical activity, especially during the winter season, as the catalyst for the project. The objective became to investigate how can we create opportunities for children to be active through play in the Outer Hebrides. We choose to work with children between 8 to 12 years old. We carried out engagement with our stakeholder groups via observations in primary schools on the isle of Lewis, we meet with people from local organisations and had a workshop with local mums from Ness. Our main discoveries and insights came from a workshop we did with children in a primary school: we asked them to represent their dream playground through collage. The concept developed is a travelling light playground that involves modular furniture that children can assemble in different configurations. Lights are set within the blocks and could […]
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