Wizz – Drones & IoT

Project ~ This Design Innovation project’s objective was to conceptualize and develop entirely new forms of practice about innovative ways of living. We had the opportunity to design innovative artefacts, services, environments, experiences and interactions regarding the ways in which the Internet of Things can connect rural and urban areas, and shape design experiences with the help of drones. We had to research and think about our relationship with this emerging technology today, and what the drones could become tomorrow; how we can develop a new use of it to connect rural and urban areas. The final concept developed is Wizz, a drone thanks to which you can experience the world through the vision of different animals. Wizz consists of two devices, the drone and the glasses that the user wears during the experience. The glasses are the device through which the user sees and experiences its surroundings when using the drone. It has three modes of vision: human, which is the usual way of seeing, drone POV which changes the display to what the drone is currently seeing without any filters, and animal view which makes the drone, and the user consequently, to see the surroundings in a way that a […]
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