Bisso na Bisso

Project ~ This project is my final Master Design Research Project. After working in Senegal, Africa, I became fascinated by the African way of life, welcoming culture, and the strong relationships built between the different members of the community as their paths cross. I was interested in learning more about the systems that people use to create sustainable and independent communities with limited reliance on external help. While living in Glasgow, I became curious about how the African communities are living in a UK context. Moreover, I wanted to learn more about the current systems of use to enable them to grow and develop. After three months of research, meetings, discussions with the African community, I realised that one of the most important components to creating lasting African communities was the business. “Entrepreneurship is part of the African Culture because nothing has been given to us.” “If you are African and present your business idea, it’s still a big challenge.” How can we create an innovative business system that supports African communities in Glasgow? I created Bisso na Bisso (meaning between us in Lingala), which is a collaborative mentoring mobile application. This application gives the opportunity for future African entrepreneurs to volunteer in […]
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