Permis de Construire

Projet ~ We worked on our graduate project about the building industry sector because it suffers from a great visibility issue in France. Moreover, the negative preconceived ideas towards being a craftsman are deeply settled in people’s mind over different generations, contributing to enhance the discredit of these jobs. The objective of the project was to make people feel enthusiastic when confronted to these jobs and finally to give back to the building professionals the positive reputation they deserve. We developed a large 360 advertising campaign we called « Permis de Construire ». The main concept was the idea of pride; being proud of making us live amazing moments in the places they built.

Partners ~ École Estienne, AFPA, Fédération française du bâtiment, Les Casques Jaunes

Themes ~ BTP, building, construction, skills, formation, pride

Year ~ 2015

Team ~ Amandine Catz, Sarah Joulia, Ariane Seibert, Lisa Tomalak