Project ~ During my internship at Dakar, Senegal, I worked with a French-Senegalese NGO named RAES on different projects. We developed the identity of a monitoring mobile app: Djobi, that provides to the mothers the opportunity to check their baby health in partnership with local doctors. We did a workshop in the village of Passi with the local community to know if they understood the process described in the leaflet, the language (translated in Wolof) and the brand identity. We also discussed and developed the main poster with them.

The NGO RAES was a partner of TOMS shoes, so we went in different remote villages to give the pupils shoes.

Finally, we worked on a Senegalese TV series « C’est la vie! » for the launching event of the first episode (posters). The aim of the series is to raise awareness about health, reproduction, and citizenship. (Scenarist: Marguerite Abouet, Director: Moussa Sène Absa)

Partners ~ Fonds français Muskoka, TOMS, RAES, OMS, Institut Français de Dakar

Themes ~ Health, well-being, technology, community, reproduction, citizenship

Year ~ 2014

Team ~ Laura Treuillier, Lisa Tomalak